Advanced PC Training

These computer skills are typically required for information technology (IT) jobs. People who work in IT typically specialise in hardware, software, support, management or the business side of computing. Here’s why you need Advanced PC Training.

Advanced PC Training

Some examples of IT job titles

 For these IT jobs you will need Advanced PC Training:

  • Application Systems Analyst

  • Client/Server Programmer

  • Data Architect

  • Information Technology Director

  • Network Administrator

  • Network Security Systems Manager

  • Systems Engineer


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Skills that are in high demand


Skills in network security are among the most demanded today, and will be more so in the days to come. If you select this field, you’ll help to keep hackers, viruses and maybe even terrorists from intruding and damaging computers, a major problem that will only get worse as more computers are networked.


Computer science skills alone might not be enough to land or keep IT jobs, such as programming, thanks to overseas outsourcing. Technicians who combine computer science with other disciplines, such as business, science, medicine or healthcare, might have more opportunities going forward than those with computer science skills alone.


Advanced skills include

 Here are some of the advanced skills you need for a career in IT include:

      • Programming

      • Use of a computer for scientific research

      • Fixing software conflicts

      • Repairing computer hardware


How to gain Advanced IT Skills

As technology improves every day, you will need to expand your knowledge and gain a few skills to be competitive in the industry. If you are currently employed, but want to build on your skills you can enrol for a computer course through distance learning. Skills Academy is one of the leading distance learning colleges in South Africa that offers computer courses. The great thing about their courses is you don’t have to have matric to enrol for them. 

Last Updated: February 26, 2020