Computer Literacy

Wikipedia defines Computer Literacy as the knowledge and ability to use computers and related technology efficiently. These skills are needed in almost every industry. If you don’t possess these skills, don’t worry – you can easily pick them up through a course. Computer Literacy

Basic skills

You will need to know basic computer literacy skills for jobs that require basic administrative skills. The basic computer skills you need include:

  • Knowing how to switch on the computer
  • Being able to use a mouse to interact with elements on the screen
  • Being able to use the computer keyboard
  • Being able to shut down the computer properly after use

Intermediate skills

These intermediate skills aren’t just for people who have desk or office jobs. No, even medical practitioners and construction workers need to possess the following skills. Here are some of the intermediate computer skills you need:

  • Functional knowledge of word processing
  • How to use e-mail
  • How to use the Internet
  • Installing software
  • Navigating a computer’s file system

How can I pick up computer skills?

You can teach yourself the basics. It’s easy to learn how to switch the computer on and off, how to navigate the mouse, etc. But if you want to advance your skills from basic to intermediate, it’s best you enrol for a course. There are distance learning institutions that offer computer courses

What are the entry requirements for computer courses?

Entry requirements depend on the institution you study with. But a reputable distance learning institute like Skills Academy strives to make their courses accessible to all. You can study a computer course with as little as grade 10

These courses can give you skills that could prepare you for Office and IT Careers

Last Updated: February 26, 2020