Where To Find PC Training

Clearly, IT training is critical in today’s fast changing technical world. How do you go about getting it? If you want to know Where To Find PC Training, look no further. The first step toward certification is to know where to receive the training that can help professionals keep up with advancing technology.

Where To Find PC Training

What exactly is a computer-training centre? Any facility that offers technology education classes can be classified as a computer-training centre, though public libraries, educational institutions and some job training resource centres typically have computer labs and offer basic computer skills and software training as well. Those who are already working in IT, however, will most likely need a computer training centre that offers advanced training and preparation for professional or vendor certifications.

Some computer training centres are located within universities, colleges or schools; other training facilities are computer schools in themselves with the primary objective of short-duration technical classes, some of which can lead to certification. Most facilities offer instructor-led training in an up-to-date computer lab. Some training centres come to their students and others offer distance learning.

How to choose a computer-training centre

The quality of computer training centres can vary. You have to rate the quality of computer training centres very carefully.

Ask questions about a training centre:

  • Is the location of the training centre convenient for the student?
  • Is it important that the training centre be located within a school, college or university for exploring financial aid options?
  • What is the average class size? What is the student-to-instructor ratio?
  • How is the instruction delivered? Will the student get one-on-one help?
  • Are training courses offered online?
  • Does the centre offer a sufficient number of courses for the student’s professional goals?
  • What are the hardware specs of the computer lab and what version of software is being used?
  • What accreditation and certifications does the training centre have?
  • What type of trainer certification do the centre’s instructors have?
  • For which vendors can the centre provide authorized certification training?

Some vendors, such as Microsoft, have strict requirements for instructors, regardless of where those instructors are employed. Only instructors with Microsoft Certified Trainer certification are authorized to teach Microsoft certification classes, so students enrolled at any facility can rest assured that teachers meet Microsoft’s criteria for professional certification in the product they teach, experience and presentation skills. Microsoft makes sure that new instructors maintain high scores on student satisfaction surveys and an unqualified instructor does not compromise conducts audits throughout the year to make sure the quality of the training.

If a student is taking a course that leads to a specific vendor certification, it is likely that the computer-training centre has a partnership with the vendor. The partnership authorizes a centre to offer that training and typically means the centre meets the other requirements, which may include employing a number of certified personnel or meeting a vendor-specific revenue goal on an annual basis. Because the certification is standardised, the curriculum in authorised certification courses is the same, regardless of the training location.

When shopping for classes at any location, students should ask about the instructor’s qualifications, how frequently an instructor teaches a course and how the instructor receives the latest information and news updates from vendors, as those considerations may make a difference in a student’s classroom experience.

The final measure of quality is reputation. When shopping for a training company or school, the opinions and successes of previous students and employers are very valuable. In addition to asking the training centre for testimonials or referrals, social media websites can be a powerful tool to gather the final bit of information needed to measure the quality of a computer-training centre.

Other Alternatives

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Last Updated: February 26, 2020